Boba and blogging


Boba, a tea beverage that originated in Taiwan, is made of milk tea and black tapioca “balls”. It is utterly addictive, even though I don’t really know why. It’s personally better-tasting than Starbucks coffee. Yesterday I went to the South Coast Plaza, which is a gigantic mall with uppercrust shops, too sophisticated and expensive for my tastes. The only item I bought in the entire mall was a venti cup o’ joe from Starbucks, peppermint-flavored. Actually, two, one peppermint and one double chocolate. Starbucks is overrated. Its coffee isn’t even that good-tasting–I prefer 7-Eleven coffee, which is far cheaper.

Then I came home. Since my aunt and uncle are going back to Burma tomorrow, my mom wanted to give ang-pao (red envelopes) to her friends and relatives in Rangoon, with $100 bills (probably 5 months of the average Burmese person’s wages) neatly packed inside greeting cards and letters. I had to laboriously type letters in Burmese on the computer, which took a while.  One of the letters is written to Hsaya (name withheld), who was a high school teacher to my mom. It’s amazing how much respect Burmese people give to their teachers. I’ve seen videos of hsaya gadaw, the worship of teachers to show one’s respect. My uncle participates in this annually, packing up and going back to Rangoon to do so. It’s such a stark contrast to typical Americans, who are ill-mannered towards teachers and rarely give them much respect. I guess it’s because the school system is based on the factory system, according to my European History teacher. Hmm…

And on one last note, I have a complaint to make to Even though I deleted my other blog, whenever I leave comments, the deleted blog is still linked as my “website” automatically. And, for some strange reason, on Mozilla Firefox, I have to refesh once to see my new blog in the blue menu bar on WordPress pages. It’s an extra hassle that irritates me.

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