This will be the one. I have hopped around too long, without staying dedicated to one thing, which in this case, is blogging. I’ve been on Xanga, Livejournal, on and off. But that will end, with this blog. Hopefully.

Aside from that, I keep on reminiscing on the wonderful trip I had last year around this time.

Dog looking toward the Irrawaddy, Pagan, Mandalay Division

It seems like just yesterday that I was in Burma. Actually, exactly one year since I took this photo. I miss the country, the people, the aromas, and the sights. Especially the food and my parents’ friends. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in America, with nothing interesting to do each day, except watch country bumpkins or ghetto gangsters address their infidelities on the Maury Show (too bad I don’t have cable) or sleep.

Ducks Some nice view of the park

But at least I did something slightly interesting this week. My aunt called me up so her family and I could feed the ducks at a local park. Quite interesting to see an array of bird species, all enjoying Chinese bread and popcorn. The park would have been nice if it weren’t for the ongoing construction and the orange tape all across the pond.

It’s two-o-clock now, just about the usual time I go to sleep during school. I will blog each day over the Christmas break. Create a habit, a pattern. Haha.

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