A taste of Thai culture


Today, my family went to to the Wat Thai of Los Angeles, one of the largest Thai temples in the L.A. area (the other one is in the suburb of the City of Industry). Every weekend, Thai families sell different types of Thai food at a market in the parking lot. But today, I believe there was a festival, where some people circled the main wat, led by two ‘dancers’ and a Brahmin priest holding lotus flowers. I think it has something to do with the Buddhist lent, which in the Burmese calender, starts at the month of Waso and ends at Thadingyut. Since, Waso is between the months of June and July (this year, the full moon of Waso is on July 29, starting the Buddhist lent), I’m assuming that the parade march is associated to the Buddhist lent. My mother guessed it was monk robe (Waso thingan) offerings, but I’m not completely sure.

Pictures of the temple below:

Wat Thai of Los Angeles Weekend Market

The weekend market, teeming with Thai Americans as well as curious neighbors. The food is very inexpensive and tasty. (I didn't take any pictures of the food I ate because I did not want strange stares from people eating around me.)

Wat Thai of Los Angeles main temple Buddha

The main temple’s large Buddha image, and a smaller Buddha and offerings arranged in a traditional Thai altar.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles parade?

The procession of believers holding offerings, led by a white-clad Brahmin priest.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles parade?

The two 'dancers' leading the march, followed by musicians playing drums, gongs, and other instruments.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles parade?

The Brahmin priest, accompanied by a man shading him with an umbrella and other offerings.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

The second march circling the main temple.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

The participants of the procession prepare to enter the temple.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles Brahma altar

A small Lord Brahma (Phra Phrom) shrine that is found in every Thai temple.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles founder

A statue of Wat Thai's founder monk and a Thai language school in the background.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles goddess

A small shrine of the Earth goddess Mae Thorani (Burmese Withondara).

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

Another shot of the beautiful main temple, guarded by two ogres.

Wat Thai is located at:
12909 Cantara St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

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