Google Glass Diaries in Burma

I actually stumbled across a series of interesting short videos filmed in Burma using Google Glass, which captures their movements in first person view, through their own eyes.

via Wikipedia
The ~1 minute long vids are basically narrated by the subjects themselves, detailing their ordinary course of business throughout the day.

The series also includes subjects from Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia. Google Glass Diaries is the work of Josh Kim.

According to the Google Glass Diaries “About” page:

Google Glass Diaries is a series documenting the lives of people around the world in short video form. It started from the idea of being able to experience life from the POV of another person. Videos are shot using Google Glass and interviews are recorded separately.

Without further ado, here are the videos themselves:

Betel Nut Vendor: Meet Soesoe Hlaing, a betel nut vendor in Yangon, Myanmar. She’s been selling betel nut for 2 years with her husband. On a normal day, she can make anywhere from 10,000-30,000 kyats (roughly 10-30 USD). Her dream is to own a normal shop, like the one across from her stall selling clothes.

Pay Phone Operator: Meet Shwe Thint Yi, a pay phone operator in Yangon, Myanmar. She used to do brisk business charging people on the street to use her telephone, but in the past 2-3 years she’s seen a sharp decline in customers. She is currently looking for a new job.

Sugarcane Juice Vendor: Meet Mr. Tun Thuang [sic], a sugarcane juice vendor in Yangon, Myanmar. In the summer months, he can pull in about 10,000 kyats (or 10 USD) a day. During the winter months, he only makes 4,000-5,000 kyats (~4-5 USD) a day, but he said he still comes out so his customers won’t forget about him.

Hot Air Balloon Pilot: Meet Gavin Chadwick, a 23 year old hot air balloon pilot from the UK. He received his commercial pilot’s license when he was 19 and is currently flying balloons in Bagan, Myanmar.


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