On the eve of the so-called Saffron Revolution

According to Mizzima News, three prominent Burmese news websites (The Irrawaddy, Khit Pyaing and Democratic Voice of Burma) have been disabled by distributed denial of service attacks, which overload the servers used to load webpages with information. Reminds me of how Russian hackers disabled Estonian websites using the same method in 2007.

I don’t know what to say. I guess the Burmese hacker community is alive and well.

With each breathing moment, I lose more and more hope for the nation of Burma. Bomb attacks in Pegu, famine in Chin State, and countless failed attempts by UN envoys to bring reform to Burma. What more is there to say? It’s depressing.

One thought on “On the eve of the so-called Saffron Revolution

  1. steve says:

    well, it’s not surprising that it has been over 20 years on. During that period, military people have got more than enough time to train IT people to work for them. They employ to run blogs, to emial yahoo groups, to hack websites. According to my sources, they have even got their cells in Myanmar blogger society.

    My friend was a medical uni lecturer. She found out that a student had been breaching exam rules. She tried to stop. But that bastard firmly said he had to do as he was on duty for the government.

    I think you’ve better forget about Burma. 🙂 😦

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