UCLA professor on a potential one-party America

I may sound alarmist but this campaign makes me fear for American Democracy. My thesis: We are on the edge of becoming a one party state. Many one party states have some token opposition but there is no real serious challenge to the power of the dominant party and that is where we may be going.
If the Democrats do not soundly defeat the Republicans at all levels including the Presidency the US will have become a defacto one party state. That means that no matter how poorly the Republican Party performs in economic, social and foreign policy they will not face any serious challenge and thus there will be no real check on their power or sanction for corruption. Given the growing power of the imperial presidency and a Supreme Court that McCain/Palin will tilt rightward, the Republican Party will be able to use the levers of government to consolidate their power and to insure that while the Democratic Party will survive, it will never represent a serious challenge to their dominance. Others have argued this but few are talking about how critical the 2008 election is in stopping Rove’s plan for a one party state.

–“Fear for American democracy,” Mark Sawyer (link)

What a scary notion. By voting for McCain, we cement and legitimize all that is wrong with the Republican Party’s policies and political ideology, even if McCain has now quickly shifted his platform from “experience” to “reform.” He’s been part of Washington for decades, the same Washington he now wants to suddenly reform. The thing that really annoys me is the short term memory of Americans. While even I can still recall the Halliburton-Cheney fiascoes, are we voting to let another conflict of interest happen: Cindy McCain and the beer company she runs? I don’t know about other Americans, but I’m not ready to vote to let a First Lady run an massive alcoholic beverage distributor from the White House.

An interesting look at the elections from UCLA professors. More can be found at the blog: “The Sprint: UCLA Professors Blog the Final Leg of the 2008 Race for President.”

On a lighter note, maybe Americans will understand this:

2 thoughts on “UCLA professor on a potential one-party America

  1. plantainman says:

    Oh, I do doubt very much that we are even close to becoming a one party state. Dude pretty much nailed it in his first sentence: alarmist. Ridiculously alarmist.

    The country will go through its periods. There are more Republican times, there are more Democrat times. You know, like with kids, it’s just one of those phases…oh, America.

    I think there are many reasons to vote for Mr. Obama…but ‘for the sake of American democracy’ isn’t close to being one of them.

    I also don’t see how Cindy McCain’s business has, really, anything to do with Mr. McCain’s candidacy one way or the other.

    I think the real danger we should look out is becoming a two-party state where the parties aren’t that different, except that’s kind of reality. Nevertheless, they hate each other and are always taking swipes at each other, so we’ve got that going for us.

    Hehe, sorry, I don’t mean to sound really disagreeable. Sounds like you’re an Obama supporter and I’m with you on that (for now). I just don’t think these statements by Mr. Sawyer lend any credibility to Obama’s candidacy, at all.

    And I definitely agree. McCain’s going to reform what? His attitudes tell a different story.

  2. JT says:

    So many things wrong with what you said

    *Giving the Democrats the presidency and a supermajority in Congress would actually be closer to a one party state wouldn’t it?

    *McCain has been a reformer. McCain-Feingold was as reformist as you can get.

    *If the fact that McCain has been in Washington for a long time makes him part of the problem, then Biden, who has been there longer, is even more of a problem, correct?

    I know the elections over. I voted for Barr. This is still an absurd argument.

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