10 problems Obama faces

  1. Barack Obama is black. Even in this day and age, there are still many people who are uncomfortable with voting for a Black man. It’s a sad reality of this country.
  2. Barack approaches America’s problems philosophically and intellectually. This is what we need, but many Americans are turned off by intellectuals. He’s been derided for being part of the educated elite and for going to Ivy League schools.
  3. Americans are scared of European-style government regulation, health care and taxes (Huckabee said it best) Even though most of the developed world has universal health care, once Obama starts outlining his plan on health care reform, it will only take seconds for Republicans to slap on the label “Socialist” to scare Americans. Everyone already knows that profit-based health care does not work. But nobody knows that Obama’s tax plans are more effective at distributing wealth and reducing inequity than McCain’s.
  4. Barack’s campaign has run on being above the dirty and divisive politics. It’s hard for him to hit back on the lies and misrepresentations aired every minute. He needs to use Biden more effectively to clean up the mess and hit back hard.
  5. Sarah Palin has stolen Obama’s thunder. While Americans don’t know about her political ideology, they sure know about her entire family. Obama needs to pretend like she doesn’t exist, focus his attacks on McCain’s record and plans while leaving the dirty work to Joe Biden.
  6. Obama is not populist enough. Sure, he’s made irrational proposals to pander to Americans on offshore drilling (much of the results wouldn’t appear until 30 years later). But Americans are dumb and lazy. Most voters won’t look up Obama’s plans–they want it handfed to them by the media, which is too busy with Palin.
  7. The media is going too easy on the McCain ticket and their platform. Obama’s campaign needs to press the media to start telling the truth, rather than focusing on irrelevant problems like the pig in lipstick issue and this neverending debate about sexism.
  8. Obama needs a message that can resonate with the rural and working class folks. His chief strategist, David Axelrod, specializes in urban politics, but Obama’s outreach needs to be far more than the big cities. He needs to shatter his image as a cultivated man without understanding of the working class.
  9. Americans are too stupid. They’ll eat anything up. Many Americans can’t even point out Iraq on the map and some don’t even know what the three branches of government are. The more Obama relies on the American people’s so-called “intelligence” to figure out the truth when it comes to political slander, the more he will suffer in the polls. The people who really matter in this election are the ones who know least about the candidates (I already know my vote for Obama won’t really matter, since I can guarantee that Obama will win California’s electoral votes)
  10. Obama needs to show Americans that he is running against McCain, not Palin. Obama v. McCain, Biden v. Palin. Every minute he spends talking about something Palin, he only makes it easier for the media to compare him to Palin, instead of McCain.

2 thoughts on “10 problems Obama faces

  1. clearlyundefined says:

    I absolutely agree with you on every point. In fact, several democratic strategists mentioned these points last night on CNN’s Larry King Alive and AC 360. Obama is probably one of the smartest, classiest candidates we’ve ever had. But as you mentioned Americans are too stupid to realize that. I wish Obama was reading your blog to get a few pointers…as someone who hails from a red state and seen the effects of stupidity first hand, I think I speak for many people when I say Obama MUST win this election. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

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