Summed up: Burma in May 2008

  • Myanmar is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. Up to 2.5m people are thought to have been severely affected by the cyclone, losing crops and homes and struggling with inadequate food and water supplies.
  • The crisis has revealed once more the junta!s callous disregard for the welfare of Myanmar!s people. Its gravest failing has been its refusal to grant foreign aid supplies and experts easy access to the country.
  • Underscoring the junta!s misplaced priorities, on May 10th it pressed on with a national referendum on its new constitution in areas unaffected by the cyclone, while postponing the vote in affected areas for just two weeks.
  • According to the junta, over 92% of those who voted in the referendum on May 10th approved the constitution, with voter turnout at over 99%. However, the process was deeply flawed.
  • The regions hit hardest by Cyclone Nargis include some of the country’s most productive agricultural regions. Rice stocks have been washed away.
  • The prices of many important staples, particularly rice, leapt fourfold in the days following Cyclone Nargis, according to anecdotal evidence, as transport routes were cut off and rice stocks were destroyed or run down.

–extracted from the Economist’s Intelligence Unit’s monthly review of Burma.

2 thoughts on “Summed up: Burma in May 2008

  1. sarah miller says:

    Hi , I have been coming to your country for years, What I have seen is that very few of you help each other. There is such a pecking order. between you all. Just as with the generals. It is ingrained with you all. Right now in the delta the village head honcho refuses to give food and supplies to the poorer ones, how very typical , I realise having spent a long time out there. WHY DOES NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO MAKE A BOMB, YOU CAN GET THE RECIPE ON THE INTERNET ,AND TAKE IT UP TO NAPYIDAW. FORGET ALL YOUR PEACEFULL DEMONSTRATIONS AND THE LADYS SILENT PROTEST, YOU WILL GET NOWHERE. The west will never help you, HELP YOUR SELVES AND STOP CRYING. YOUR MILITARY GOVERNMENT IS PATHETIC, SO TINY, STOP BEING BRIANWASHED AND THROW THEM A BIG FAT BOMB, UP THTHAN SHWE IS ONLY A POST MAN. When you finally get the power , don’t screw it up again with your in-house myanmar fighting ,and all your dumb tribes. Why should the west help you? You do nothing for your selves , apart from ridiculous SILENT , PEACEFULL protests,take a leaf out of Al QUIDAS book. Don’t wait for the west ,do it your selves, man. Looking forward to your replies. Please explain to me why you have done very little apart from turning your begging bowls upside down, and behaving like lambs to the slaughter?

  2. bunot says:

    Sorry to hear of your countries troubles at present. But do not despair, the prayers of the world are being offered for your nation, for the material & other needs. God Bless You all.

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