Name troubles

It seems that I need to explain something to readers of this blog, especially since I have been contacted by the BBC World Service for an interview as Aung Htin Kyaw.

I have been blogging for the past year under my Burmese name “Aung Htin Kyaw,” which is neither official and is primarily used by my family (but is not my legal name). As a precaution, I opted not to use my English name, since the Burmese government has a habit of denying visas to those who criticize it (no matter how small my readership is). I believe in ensuring that nobody in my family, those who live in the States and those who are still Burmese citizens, is negatively affected by what I write. Also, I do not want to be denied a visa to Burma in the near future.

Some of those who have e-mailed me found out, perhaps because of my forgetfulness, what my English name is. For my sake, please do not refer to me by that name. I am willing to take no risks to endanger the lives of family and friends, no matter how trivial it seems.

Sorry for not being honest from the beginning, but I had my reasons for not disclosing my legal name.

2 thoughts on “Name troubles

  1. Yangon Thu says:

    Hey, I feel you man.. I used to use my full name on my site too and since have had to remove it. I didn’t even think about them denying a visa back home. Good luck with your interview with BBC World Service

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