Rangoon’s Intl Airport terminal construction completed

Rangoon Mingaladon International Airport

Snapshots of the newly constructed terminal in Rangoon's Mingaladon International Airport.

People’s Daily reports that Mingaladon International Airport is now completed, and will be inaugurated soon. The airport recently received a cosmetic facelift, addition of a terminal, and extension of the runway, designed by Singapore’s CPG Airport Consultant Co. and constructed by Asia World Co., a domestic company. According to People’s Daily:

The new airport […] would have the capacity of accommodating larger aircraft such as Boeing-747 and handling 900 outgoing and 900 incoming passengers simultaneously totaling about 2.7 million a year

Ambitious and lofty goals for the government. It’s strange that Mingaladon International Airport was renovated when approximately 300,000 600,000 international tourists visit Burma annually, most from Japan or Europe. And, a large share of tourists are day-crossers who cross borders from Thailand, Laos, or China. At least this renovation is more well-planned than the construction of the new Mandalay International Airport, which is built far from the city of Mandalay. Perhaps because the government anticipated that the city would expand in size is the reason that the airport is built 45 minutes outside of Mandalay. It takes even longer to drive to the city than to fly from Pagan to Mandalay.

One thought on “Rangoon’s Intl Airport terminal construction completed

  1. Doddy says:

    What is International Airport???
    What is renovation???
    U go and see YGN airport after renovation???
    I am not shouting U… Really!!!
    I just came back from MM and I was shy for our International Airport…..I wanna share U my experience…
    On 24 Jan, 2007, All the toilets was spoil and so one staff was stand-by and she brought bucket with water after one guest come out from toilet. How poor we are!!!
    P.S, I am also Myanmar…

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