Food from Burma

From Burma, with love

My aunt and uncle returned from Burma today, bringing with them pounds and pounds of Burmese delectables from friends and relatives living in Burma. My mother got her share of goods and letters from her friends and family. I cannot wait to enjoy all of this, including the la phet (pickled tea leaves) and zi cho (preserved fruit).

5 thoughts on “Food from Burma

  1. Tara says:

    Mmm…I still have about five packets of la phet thok in my pantry from Thailand and Malaysia. There is an unfortunate lack of pickled tea on the American market – there must be thousands of Burmese nationals living in North America – is there no one selling this on the internet or in obscure Asian grocers? It makes me sad that I have to horde it and save for special occassions, never knowing when I might get more.

  2. Aung Kyaw says:

    Yeah, there is a lack of Burmese merchandise in the U.S. Since I live in L.A., there are a couple of Burmese merchandise stores that sell products from Burma, but as of yet, I know of no Asian markets that sell Burmese foodstuffs , unfortunately.

  3. ruben says:

    i love tea specially organic tea and love pickles. But i have never heard of a pickle made of tea. How does it taste? Got to google it and see if i can buy online. Do you know where i can buy this? Thank you.

  4. Aung Kyaw says:

    Ruben: Pickled tea leaves are eaten in a mixed salad consisting of the pickled tea leaves, roasted sesame seeds, peanuts, chickpeas, garlic cloves, and dried shrimp. Sometimes people add finely-sliced lettuce and/or fresh tomatoes, but that depends on taste. It’s slightly bitter, but has a nice crunchy texture when mixed.

    I’m not sure where you live, but in California, a handful of Burmese merchandise stores sell them. I think you’d have to search around, or put your faith in a Burmese online store.

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