New flag for Burma

Burma appears to be adopting a new flag, since it last changed in 1974, thirty-three years ago.

New Burmese flag, Old Burmese flag

According to the New Light of Myanmar,

The Flag is marked with green, yellow and red stripes in a proportionate ratio. On the left end of the green stripe at the top of the Flag is a large white star directing upwards.
“The Flag is marked with green, yellow and red stripes in a proportionate ratio. On the left end of the green stripe at the top of the Flag is a large white star directing upwards”, 2 Jan 2007

According to the constitutional convention attendees, the color green represents peace, tranquility, and the verdant landscape of Burma, yellow represents solidarity, and red represents valor and decisiveness. The flag currently used was adopted by the Socialist leader of Burma, Ne Win, in 1974. Its cogwheel represents industry, the grains of wheat represent agriculture, and the 14 stars represent the 14 divisions and states in the country. This flag has obviously not overseen radical improvements in industry and agriculture, but the complete opposite, with Burma’s descent in economic terms.

The new flag symbolizes something that may never be achievable in an undemocratic regime controlled by military personnel, anyway. Ceasefires were brokered in the 1990’s between ethnic militias and the junta, but those are rocky. The states and divisions are not cohesive. Perhaps only the red remains true, as the military government is indeed decisive.

44 thoughts on “New flag for Burma

  1. Liberator says:

    Any flag that has not have the approval of ALL, and that includes the opposition and the ethnics will not last. I see this propose (by the military regime) african style flag as militant flag of military regime.

  2. Liberator says:

    What is happening? The military is trying very hard to imposed their will, stay and style into Burma/Myanmar. The top leaders want to protect their interests, their families’ interests for greed, power and oppressed the poor people as long as they can with the aid of one party China, two face India, exploit Asean and ex-KGB ruled Russia.

  3. qq says:

    most suitable flag is the old flag used since independant.
    if u see the independant commemortive post [ kyauk taing ] from air , that is plan view , u can see the old flag.

  4. Peacock says:

    The colors of the flag don’t suit the culture of Myanmar. Rulers think themselves they are rulers, are not really rulers. They are selfish, against the teaching of Buddha. You can see the price of goods,cars,phones today how they treat people acting themselves like greedy business men, not like kind and wise leaders. The most people of Myanmar have true sight and know true value of life because of Buddha. So they can bark until now. If Myanmar people have the emotion like people in Iraq, they were be dust long, long ago.

  5. Ali says:

    What the heck is the flag?? It just looks like a colony flag in Africa. E.g. Bolivia. What is wrong with the current flag?? They only discuss to change the flag, national anthem and capital in the constituion.

  6. daniel says:

    So…. This is going to be a new flag huh?? Things change alot while i’m away… Any way..I didn’t appriciate the new one and the old one realli is something in other words, way too cool..

  7. Asingha says:

    I like the new flag , theought the history we fight aganist the english with this 3 color flag, it represent the nationalism and it remind us to do for the country and nation .

    Doh BA Mar Organization flag is lik this 3 color

    I dun knwo why people di not want ?
    They are not clear Government and Country or
    Haven’t study Myanmar ( Not Burma ) History

  8. A$H.11 says:

    i think! green color means to Myanmar Army
    so this color is place at the top of the flag
    yellow means “Mee khin ne` ka lay sout shout yae”
    Red means i don’t know!

    • cheebel :P says:

      mi hkin ne` kalay sout shout yay ga daw mike del kwar hahaha πŸ˜›
      why dont they make all green and put white star in the middle,,,tat would be nicer than tat chee color..

  9. ZAungZ says:

    This is different to the one I’ve seen which has a larger single start firmly in the centre ( a bit like the Shan nationalist flag )

  10. general of burma says:

    we are really stupid to have thought of a flag looking like that. sry but we have no education, what do u expect of us, we dont need no education as long as we guns..hehe..and plus we are rich while robbing the poor.

  11. Aung Kyaw says:

    Oh, that was an early rendition I made of the flag based on descriptions of the flag proposals I found from the government press releases (early 2007) before the National Convention ended. I believe the new flag has a single star in the center.

  12. kcheng says:

    you are right..the new proposed flag looks horrible. definitely not asian in appearance. also the flag of burma now is similar to that of taiwan. hey, the taiwanese do not like that flag (in taiwan) either. it is the flag of the republic of china brought over and forced upon but the nationalist chinese on to the taiwanese populace. when the roc and the flag was made, taiwan was unquestionable japanese colony. so, taiwan as a nation under taiwan republic will have a new flag as well. at least make it look asian!

  13. kcheng says:

    also the current socialist republic union of burma/myanma flag currently used now needs to go as well. it wreaks of communism and in your face socialism. go back to the flag with the simialar colors used in struggle for independence–the blue canton with the 5 stars surrounding the on large one.

  14. Su Chee says:

    I like this flag

    PLEASE change it to this one.

    Anyway it makes little difference what flag we have.
    We will still be the poorest & most backward nation in Asia. We are the chee-brains of Asia, whatever.

  15. Chung says:

    I do not know alot about Burma (Myanmar) myself, but I have a couple of Burmese friends here in Australia. They tell me that the current govt. is corrupt and ‘evil’, and that this flag does not represent the Burmese people. Personally, I like the old flag although it reminds me alot of the Taiwanese flag, which is pretty much the same except for the KMT symbol on the top left of the flag.

  16. salai says:

    The Red colour represents the blood sweat and tears of the oppressed peoples of Burma. The Green colour is the Burmese Military dictators. The Yellow represents the Golds and silvers they looted from the country. The single Star is the King at Thay-pyi-daw (the land of the deaths).

  17. aungphyo says:

    what going on happen in this country? this new flat is like a african flag.whatever i hate this flag, i love the old flag

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